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Budget Principles for Law Enforcement Managers
Instructor: Bill Liquori

An abundance of information packed into 3 days.  A great course for new police administrators.  Chief Liquori kept the course interesting and challenging. - Donnie Parks, North Carolina Justice Academy

This was an excellent course, practical, and provided by an instructor with impeccable credentials and depth in this, and many other, subjects. - Captain Mark Sirois, Johnson City, Tennessee PD

Great class.  The instructor enhanced my abilities to research, construct, and present future budgets for my office.  The chief was a great instructor! - Sheriff Michael Taylor, Pittsylvania County Virginia Sheriffs Office

Investigating Gangs and Hybrid Gangs Using Social Networks and the Internet
Instructor: Gerry Hyder

Gerry really knows his stuff.  Made the class interesting.  Eye opening! - Thor Lockhart,Ft. Lauderdale Florida Police Department

This was a good program for me as a School Resource Officer. - Kevin O'Neal, Polk County Florida Sheriffs Office

Plenty of media to keep this class interesting. - Graham Harris, St. Johns County Florida Sheriffs Office

He is an excellent instructor. - Phil Greathouse, Investigator, Seminole County Florida Sheriffs Office

 Managing Generations and Dealing with Problem Employees
Instructor: Lew Bender

"Excellent training that is something that I can use everyday as a First Line Supervisor." - Sgt. Alan Johnson, Greenville, SC PD

"All the information presented was very accurate and seemed to apply to situations at my workplace.  Lew spoke in terms cops understand, which is important." -  Sgt. Greg Bogart, Lenexa, KS PD

"Lew presented a great deal of information that will help one to identify and curtail problems with difficult employees, as well as how to engage younger, newer employees.  I was very pleased with the involvement of the group." - Chuck Walston, Shawnee Kansas Public Works Department  Officer Involved Shootings Class
Instructor: George F. Hachigian

Very Great up to date information on police involved shootings.  I will be able to share the information with my members in our department and be able to better represent officers involved in departmental shootings. - Investigator Michael Lawson, Wilmington, Delaware Police

This should be mandatory training for all LEOs!  I have learned several very valuable topics/ideas to bring back to our agency and incorporate into policy. - Sgt. Armand Boudreau,Treasure Island Florida PD

Excellent use of AV material.  It was good to discuss the reality of the legal process.  Good job! - Tim Casey, Chief of Police, Treasure Island Florida PD

Proven Supervisory Practices for Criminal Justice Leaders
Instructor: Lew Bender

I have never attended a training that gave me just what I needed until this one. I implemented my learned training from Lew and it worked. I will always attend his training when in my area. - Patricia Chandler, Senior Youth Specialist, Division of Juvenile Crime Enforcement and Intervention, Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Florida

Classes such as these give me confidence in going forward as a supervisor. - Sgt. David Redmond, Marion County Florida Sheriffs Office

Lew Bender is a great instructor.  He presented the material well and in an organized manner.  I learned about faults I possess and how I can improve to be a more effective leader. - Sgt. Donnie Van Wie, Alachua County Florida Sheriffs Office

Great class.  Good facilitator, well prepared, full of knowledge. - Lt. Pete Kelting, Seminole County Florida Sheriffs Office

I liked Lew's direct, honest instruction.  He didn't hold back. - Sgt. Glen Hamann, Titusville Florida PD

Awesome class, great instructor.  Content was relevant, pertinent and I believe with the knowledge gained will be easily applicable.    Melissa Krebs,Spotsylvania County Virginia Sheriffs Office

Lew was awesome.  He encouraged lots of participation and interaction.  Sgt. Angela Dolin, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
 Excellent.  Made me think below the surface.  Great tools to pursue the challenge of building my team.  Highly recommend.  ASAC Brad Smallwood, USDA-OIG-Investigations

Testifying Made Simple 
Instructor: Michelle Santamaria

"Having been in law enforcement for well over 30 years and having attended and conducted numerous trainings, I was totally impressed with the Testifying Made Simple class given by Michelle Santamaria and Training Force USA.  Michelle is an A-1 instructor who covers all the aspects a law enforcement officer needs to be able to successfully testify in court.  I would recommend this training to the rookie out of the academy as well as the 30 year old veteran homicide detective and all in between."Greggory E. Davies, Louisiana Law Enforcement Coordinator, Regional Organized Crime Information Center  (ROCIC)

"This class was great.  Even well seasoned officers can learn a lot.  I learned a lot even after doing this job for 10 years.  Very interactive which makes it easier to learn." Lori Goodwin, Santa Rosa County Florida Sheriffs Office